The Republican Plot to Steal Georgia Elections

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Georgians, Take Note: The Choices You Make in the Mid-term 2022 Elections Could Determine Whether Republicans Succeed in their plans to Steal the 2024 Presidential Election

The outcome of key State races in November 2022 will play a critical role in thwarting Republican plans to steal the electoral votes in Georgia and other key states in 2024, if the Democratic presidential candidate is the legal winner. Republican plans, in short, to succeed in doing in 2024 what they just barely failed to accomplish in 2020.

Republicans nationwide—and especially in Georgia—are full-speed ahead in efforts to put Republicans in key positions to control election machinery and use legal, quasi-legal, and even criminal acts to override the popular vote and throw the electoral votes to the Republican candidate. Republicans in Congress are being primed to replay the tactics some attempted to use on January 6, 2021, to block Congressional certification of the legitimate Electoral Vote counts sent forward by the States.

Republicans in Georgia and other States are prepared to make enough baseless claims of fraud that the normally routine certification process is thrown into chaos. Possible next move: the Republican-dominated Georgia legislature usurps control of the certification process and sends its own slate of electoral votes to Congress as the legitimate winners. Or, prolonged legal wrangling in Georgia and other states throws the decision into the U.S. House of Representatives—where each state will have one vote determined by the Republican majority in a majority of the Congressional delegations.

The Republican-controlled Georgia legislature and Gov. Brian Kemp in 2021 passed a voter law intended to suppress the vote by any non-Republicans—especially minorities—and to provide a legal cover for Republican efforts to steal elections.

The law vastly increased the authority of the Republican-controlled legislature over the electoral process. In its most brazen power play, and the one with the most implications for future elections, the law empowered the GOP-led legislature to suspend county election officials. In other words, any local jurisdiction that reports election returns the Republicans do not like, can now be peremptorily suspended by spurious and baseless claims of malfeasance or wrong doing—made by the same Republicans who are currently making totally unproven allegations of massive fraud in the 2020 elections.

The same Republicans led by the Trump who used the Big Lie about voter fraud to pressure SECSTATE Raffensperger to engage in voter fraud.

This provision is tailor-made for misuse by Republicans for whom lying has become a way of life. 

The 2021 law also:

  • Stripped power from the Secretary of State and shifted it to the legislature by creating a new chair of the State Election Board, to be appointed by the partisan legislature. Previously, the secretary of state had served in that role.
  • Removed the SECSTATE as a voting member of the State Election Board. This was transparent revenge by Georgia Republicans against Raffensperger for his refusal to capitulate to Trump’s demands to overturn the results, using a false allegation of fraud as justification.

 Two critical offices in the Republican plans for a coup are the Secretary of State and the Attorney General. Trump attempted to carry out the Republican plan to override the popular vote in Georgia by calling up Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and pressing him to commit the illegal act of “finding” enough votes to switch Georgia’s electoral votes to Trump. Only the integrity and courage of Raffensperger and Governor Kemp kept this plan from succeeding.

But this year, Trump has boot-licking lapdogs running for both SECSTATE and AG in the GA GOP primaries scheduled for May. The primary winners will be in strong positions to win in the general election in November. Raffensperger faces a bevy of Trump GOP lackeys eager to carry out his vendetta against the Republican who dared stand up to him. 

U.S. Representative Jody Hice is the front runner because he has Trump’s endorsement. If Presidential candidate Trump asks Georgia AG Hice in 2024 to “find me” some votes to illegally make Trump the winner, the votes probably will appear in minutes.   

GOP incumbent Attorney General Chris Carr faces no primary opposition. Democrats have two contenders in their May primary: Charlie Bailey, trial attorney and former Assistant District Attorney in Fulton County DA’s office: and State Senator Jen Jordan. Both are worthy candidates.

The critical time for Georgia Democrats will be after the May primaries. Democrats must be prepared to rally behind the Democratic candidates for SECSTATE and Attorney General. They will need money and manpower to keep the Trump lackeys from winning.  Democratic victories this year will:

–Prevent Trumpists from using these offices in 2024 to support the Republican coup
–Allow Democrats to use the offices to uphold the rule of law and see to it that the will of the people as expressed in the popular vote is upheld.


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