The Real Lessons of the Kavanaugh Fight

I urge my fellow Americans to lift themselves above the partisan rancor over whether Ford or Kavanaugh is telling the truth and view Kavanaugh’s victory in the larger context of the Americans who put him on the Supreme Court, i.e., the Americans for whom it is commendable to:

–Brag about sexually assaulting women and call them bimbos
—Commit serial adultery
—Praise neo-fascist demonstrators marching in a Nazi-inspired torch light demonstration chanting anti-Semitic slogans
—Kidnap migrant children and detain them in tent cities, with no regard for reuniting them with their families
–Call a female a dog
–Call a Miss Universe “Miss Piggy”
–Approve of calling Ivanka “a piece of ass”
–Demean the military service of John McCain
–Mock a handicapped person
–Mock and demean a woman who accused a powerful male of asexual attack
–Belittle a Gold Star American mother
—Praise the murderous thugs Putin and Kim Jong Un
—Call foreign countries “shitholes”
–Accuse Obama of engaging in a criminal conspiracy to hide his real birthplace
—-Lie about undocumented immigrants being mostly rapists and criminals
—Tell 5,000+ other lies as President

The above represents the hearts and souls, the innermost character, of Brett Kavanaugh and his Republican constituents. This mentality is now embedded in the Supreme Court. Mark it well.

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