The Racism Behind Trump’s Last Campaign Visit to Georgia

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I’m stunned that theĀ  main stream media–like CNN and MSNBC–paid so little attention to the fact that Trump’s visit to Georgia on the eve of the election took place in the Congressional district of Marjorie Taylor Greene, a racist and a leading disciple of the extremist outfit QAnon. Trump got headlines in August when he praised Greene and called her a future Republican star after she won the GOP nomination for the Congressional seat–a victory that ensured her election to Congress in the overwhelmingly Red district.

Trump’s praise for the QAnon advocate was viewed, correctly, as providing enhanced legitimacy to the one-time fringe group and heralding a closer Republican-QAnon alliance. During the past two months, increasing numbers of Republicans have, in fact, welcomed QAnon supporters into the Party’s ranks. SeeĀ

Remember, even before her QAnon ties gained notoriety, Greene had also been outed for posting overtly racist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic messages on Facebook. Greene has remained resolutely unapologetic and unrepentant about any of her views.

So, by any criteria, Trump’s pick of the major city in Greene’s district to stage one of his final rallies was meant to send a clear signal of his and the Republican Party’s firm commitment to his racist, xenophobic, white supremacist agenda. If there were any doubt, Trump erased it by including Greene among the names of all the major GA GOP candidates attending the rally–including those running for the U.S. Senate and House–in his praise of local candidates. They all applauded.

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