The Picture Worth a Thousand Words. GA Republicans, Try to Understand

//Hey, Senators Isakson and Perdue and Rep. Loudermilk. Did you see this?//

Imagine this. President Trump had this White House photo released–thinking it would put Pelosi in a bad light! What better proof of how much Trump, Isakson, Perdue. and Loudermilk are out of touch with reality.

What a bunch of hogwash for Republicans to try to make hay out of accusing Pelosi of bad behavior. What a bunch of hooey from the same Republicans who have given their stamp of approval to someone who:

  • Bragged about sexually assaulting women,
  • Praised neo-fascist demonstrators
  • Locked up thousands of children in wire cages
  • Mocked a handicapped person
  • Demeaned the military service of John McCain and General Mattis
  • Praised the murderous thugs Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin
  • Called various women bimbo, fat, ugly, and Miss Piggy.

And what kind of people endorse such coarse, vulgar. and slanderous verbiage? Here are six of them.

Sen. Johnny Isakson and Chief of Staff Joan Kirchner Carr

Sen. David Perdue and COS Megan Whittemore

Rep. Barry Loudermilk and COS, Robert Adkerson

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