The Nikki Haley Myth, Created Right in Front of Our Eyes

U.N Ambassador Nikki Haley’s resignation has triggered a media frenzy of gushing praise of her as a person and politician, highlighted by hints–but little evidence–that she has stood up to her mentor, Donald Trump.

IndieDems not only does not share the positive view being spread about Haley, we consider it egregiously misplaced. Haley has struck us as one more Trump lap dog, different by only a few degrees from the rabid Trumpists who make up most of his base. She is a poster child for what we dub the “tut-tut” Republicans—the ones who effusively support Trump as President but who do manage to utter a few critical remarks over some of his most offensive words or deeds. In short, they’re cowards, desperately trying to have their cake and eat it too.

Let’s begin with Haley’s most important words at her joint press conference with Trump, where she announced her resignation:

“No, I’m not running for (president) in 2020. I can promise you what I’ll be doing is campaigning for this one. So, I look forward to supporting the president in the next election.”

My. Nikki Haley just announced she is eager to inflict Trump on the United States for another six years, and will do her part to keep the lying, adulterous, racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobic, authoritarian-worshipping, demagogic, bullying thug in power. And the media and commentators swoon at her feet.

On about the same day that Trump declared Dr. Ford’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee that Brett Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her was nothing but a hoax—thereby dismissing the entire #MeToo movement as nothing but a sham and a fraud—Nikki Haley goes out of her way to repeat her effusive praise for Donald Trump and call for his re-election.

And this person is some sort of anti-Trump hero? What piece of the puzzle are we missing?

We look for Haley’s specific acts or words that set her apart from Trump. We find thin gruel. The media fall all over themselves citing the fall-out over her premature announcement in April that the Administration was about to impose new sanctions on Russia. Trump’s National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow said Haley had bungled the announcement out of “confusion.” Haley shot back: “With all due respect, I don’t get confused.”

Wow. One of the few times Haley has publicly butted heads with her superiors, it was not to state a difference of opinion on policy. It was because she had been personally affronted. And she did not criticize Trump. She rebuked one of his lesser underlings. What a smashing act of courage!

Another overblown claim that allegedly set Haley at odds with Trump involved his words of praise for the participants in the white supremacist demonstrations in Charlottesville. All she ever said publicly was that that she had a “personal conversation” with Trump about his response to the violent clashes and that she would “leave it at that.” In response to later questions from reporters, she would not confirm or deny whether Trump acknowledged he made a mistake with his racially charged comments.

As usual, Haley took the coward’s way out and avoided any serious criticism of Trump’s overt display of racism, while slyly implying dissent.

Climate Change

Haley has engaged in the same shuffle and jive on the critical issue of climate change. Trump has declared that the idea of global warming is a hoax created by the Chinese “in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive.” Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris climate accord, the signature international agreement to reduce global warming by limiting carbon emissions According to media reports, Trump Administrative officials avoid using the term “climate change” altogether.

In a CNN interview in 2017, Haley said that Trump “knows that (the climate’s) changing and that the US has to be responsible for it” and that withdrawing from the Paris agreement would not change the country’s commitment to curbing climate change.

“Just because the US got out of a club doesn’t mean we aren’t going to care about the environment.” (One news service headlined Haley’s words: Watch Nikki Haley Lie Through Her Teeth About Trump’s Commitment to Fight Climate Change)

In the months since, the Trump Administration has rolled back a wide variety of regulations that protect our water, air, land, and public health in order to benefit high-pollution industries, with the carbon-producing coal industry among the biggest beneficiaries.

In august 2018, Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency delivered its biggest blow to environmental regulations aimed at reducing carbon emissions. The EPA’s new plan would devolve regulation of coal-fired power plants back to the states, a move that would almost certainly boost the coal industry and increase carbon emissions nationwide.

In short: when Nikki Haley states Trump is going to do something about climate change, she is either a consummate liar or God’s pure fool.

Environmental Protections on the Chopping Block
Trump EPA spends first year rolling back environmental regulations
EPA rolls back Obama-era coal pollution rules

Nikki Haley’s Cold, Cold Heart toward Child Abuse

One other specific current issue on which Haley shows her lack of a moral conscience is her acquiescence in President Trump’s incarceration of hundreds of kidnapped migrant children in tent cities on our southern border. Trump began the detention plan in May 2018 but modified it under outraged public opinion, and Federal courts forced the Trumpists to release hundreds of those originally detained.

But here is the chilling report on October 1 by

A record nearly 13,000 migrant children are currently detained in shelters across the United States.

  • But while most of them have been housed in private shelters or foster homes to date, hundreds are now being shuttled to a tent city in Tornillo, Texas.
  • Around 1,600 children from across the country have been moved in recent weeks, loaded onto buses in the middle of the night that are headed toward Tornillo, reports The New York Times.
  • They are reportedly moved in the middle of the night, with minimal warning, to offset the likelihood that they will try to escape.
  • The move is reportedly intended to make room for additional children that are being detained, with the older ones who are expected to be released sooner being sent to the tent camp.
  • But unlike in the other facilities, in Tornillo, the children do not receive the same care or access to facilities.
  • The camp in Tornillo is not licensed, nor is it monitored by state child welfare authorities.

Tent city for migrant children puts Texas border town in limelight
Tent cities for immigrant children: Texas officials decry proposal
Trump admin’s ‘tent cities’ cost more than keeping migrant kids with parents

In June 2018, the U.N. human rights council called on the U.S. to stop separating migrant children from their parents and the council’s chief called the Trump administration’s policy on migrant children ‘unconscionable.’

In response, Ambassador Haley accused the U.N. of “hypocrisy” for calling out the U.S. “while it ignores the reprehensible human rights records of several members of its own Human Rights Council…Neither the United Nations nor anyone else will dictate how the United States upholds its borders.”

The United States then officially withdrew from the U.N. Human Rights Council, claiming its overall record was one of hypocrisy and tolerance for human rights abuses.

Report: Nikki Haley Has Up To $1 Million in Debt, Which May Explain Her Resignation

A Google search indicates the cruelly detained children are a dead letter as far as Nikki Haley is concerned.

The Haley Myth

The gushing praise of Haley since her announcement of her resignation is proof positive that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Trump has become such a caricature of an unintelligent, uninformed, unfit right-wing fanatic, and Republicans as a whole nothing more than his lackeys, some Americans and the media desperately grasp at straws to find a Republican hero to champion, and Haley satisfies their need.

But her track record—and her effusive continuing endorsement of Trump—shows what inflated nonsense this is. Nikki Haley is not the American Joan of Arc, by a country mile.

2 thoughts on “The Nikki Haley Myth, Created Right in Front of Our Eyes

  1. Patrick Thompson October 12, 2018 at 10:47 pm -

    So much noise to deflect from what’s really happening….

  2. Patrick Thompson October 12, 2018 at 12:33 pm -

    Another curious case of this President not able to keep staff. If our resume was chocked full of such mythology, we’d not get hired anywhere but Fox. She claimed while leaving that she was proud to have fought for the interests of the United States while at the UN. Wasn’t aware this was the primary, if at all, role of US UN Ambassador.

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