The Moral Implosion of the Republican Party Gains Force

Events this week revealed the extent to which the Republican Party is Trump’s main instrument in waging his war against democracy, the Constitution, the rule of law, the 10 Commandments, and common human decency.

October 17  was the worst day in the history of the American presidency. The President  entered into an agreement that will live in infamy as the most disgraceful ever. The agreement:
—Stabs American allies in the back and leaves them facing genocide and ethnic cleansing
—Heightens Russia’s role in the region beyond imagining—all as a freebie to Putin from his admirer, Donald Trump.
—Shows the U.S. as a weakling under the thumb of Turkey.
—Paves the way for a resurgence of ISIS, while emasculating American ability to prevent it.
—Heightens the role of both Iran and of Syria’s ruthless strongman, Al-Assad.

On the domestic front, Congress heard testimony from a Trump high-level appointee stating unequivocally that Trump used American power to serve his own political ends by pressuring Ukraine into launching an investigation into the Bidens And to cap it off: Trump’s WH Chief of Staff Mulvaney held a press conference in which he revealed unequivocally that Trump had lied when he said there was no quid pro quo in his machinations with the Ukrainians. The COS later attempted to take back his statements!

Polls show the depth of ignorance and immorality among the Republican rank and file:
Republican Voters Are Largely Backing Trump’s Withdrawal From Syria

      • But while the measure has been unpopular among Republican lawmakers, rank-and-file members of the party may not be as opposed.
      • The same results found that 55% of self-identified independents support impeaching the president and removing him from office, while 89% of Democrats agree. Only 6% of Republican voters feel the same way. Read More.

And where is the Republican rank and file as the Trump presidency implodes from its own corruption, malfeasance, incompetence, criminality, and plain stupidity? As the extent of the Trumpian disaster unfolds in daily segments? The polls say that about 85 percent of Republicans still avidly support Trump and want to re-elect him. Republicans, in short, give not a tinker’s damn about Trump’s destruction of everything America stands for. We cannot afford another 14 months of this carnage. Trump must be impeached and Republicans placed on the dustheap of history. Along with slave holders, segregationists, and McCarthyites.

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