The Looming Disaster of Medicare for All

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are pushing ahead with their advocacy of some form of Medicare for All. Meaning, two of the three leading Democratic primary contenders support it. So do many rank-and-file Democrats. Many argue that failing to support a strongly progressive candidate will lead to defeat.

Here’s IndieDems outlook on the issue:

Democrats cringe when Republicans zealously proclaim that cutting rich people’s taxes brings prosperity for all, sucking up to Vladimir Putin enhances U,S. Security, global warming is a hoax, and Obamacare is a failure. We see their separation from reality as overwhelming.

Yet, Democrats zealously advocating Medicare for All mirror image the Republicans’ separation from reality. Every poll ever held demonstrates conclusively that the American people do not want Medicare for All. It has become a prime example of what led to Hillary’s defeat: Democrats decide that some policy they support is absolutely the only solution and that any intelligent human being has to see that. Anyone who opposes them is too stupid, ignorant, and ill-informed to be listened to—even if they are a majority!

And here our zealous compatriots are, proclaiming that a centrist candidate cannot win, when reality firmly states otherwise.

One such Democrat recently commented in a media forum that the polls showing any of the leading Democratic candidates beating Trump proves the the falsity of the argument that a “real” liberal cannot win.

The same polls, my friend, show that on the specific issue of MFA, Americans overwhelmingly oppose it. Right now, Americans are responding to the question of who they would support for president on a visceral reaction to Trump’s daily displays of his unfitness for office.

Wait until MFA, in the general election, is subjected to a daily onslaught of attacks from Trump and his well-oiled and financed public relations apparatus. Wait until Warren or Sanders has to defend their Rube Goldberg machine in the presidential debates. Wait until Americans have to wade through a myriad of statistics and other data to try to understand what Sanders or Warren’s proposal really means. And how they intend to pay for it.

While Trump stands there and says, hey, I want you to keep your job-related health insurance that is working for you and protect it against these socialists who want to stuff more government down your throats. When that day comes, my friend, you will see the error of your ways. But it will be too late.

You “no centrists” are handing Trump’s victory to him on a silver platter. Democrats are not going to win mimicking Republican-speak.

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