The Line is Drawn: Decent Americans on One Side, Republicans on the Other

The events of the past week have dawn a sharp division in the United States between decent, ordinary Americans and the gangster culture of Republicans under Trump.  The difference has been growing ever since Trump became president, but hardened when Trump turned to overt character assassination to attack Ambassador Yovanovitch even as her honest, honorable, decent character shone forth in her testimony to Congress.

The line is clearly drawn when Republicans accept as normal a President’s launching a mean, warped, childish, vindictive attack on a career diplomat respected for her years of honorable service to her country.  An innocent person attacked simply simply because she posed an obstacle to Trump’s malevolent intentions in Ukraine.

Trump and his Republicans have not only divorced themselves from common human decency and our basic democratic and moral values. Trump’s utter contempt for Jesus’ Golden Rule to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and for God’s commandment against bearing false witness becomes more evident daily.

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