The Forces Behind Amy Barrett’s Supreme Court Nomination

Amy Coney Barrett was nominated for the Supreme Court by the one of the most morally and intellectually bankrupt human beings that ever lived. The Republican Senators who will vote for her are part and parcel of the most corrupt Administration in American history.

The President and the Senators have declared they want her on the SCOTUS because she is a clone of Donald Trump and thinks the way he does. I fact, they have explicitly said they are rushing through her approval because they will need her vote if, as seems likely, the Court is asked to approve whatever criminal or extralegal measure Trump has taken to remain in power regardless of the results of the popular vote.

Republicans, clearly, see Barrett as their puppet. Her decisions as a judge say they are correct. Plus, nowhere on the public record is there any indication that she opposes the lies, racism, xenophobia, misogyny, demagoguery, slander, libel and insults that fuel the Trump presidency.

Whatever Ms.Barrett’s past record of intellectual acumen and objective judicial decision making, she needs to be asked some probing questions of how Republican Senators came to view her as their handmaiden, and offer the evidence that they are wrong.

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