The Cringing Cowardice of Congressional Republicans

“Key Democratic senator remains undecided on whether Trump should be removed from office”
IndieDems Comment:

Always sad to see a politician sacrifice truth, honor, dignity, and their soul on the altar of shoring up their re-election prospects. Of course, this is a moral deficiency that is Even more rampant among Republicans, according to the media and many Democrats, who constantly tell us that many Republicans know what a disaster Trump is, but are terrified of saying so lest Trump sics a primary opponent on them.

Imagine being an adult human being and living every day scared witless that you may say something that offends Donald trump. Imagine! But that describes every single Republican politician in America. Hitler did no better. But remember—those Republican cowards do not get sent to a concentration camp if they offend their Der Fuhrer Trump—they simply lose an election. What a pathetic excuse for putting self and Trump above country.

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