The Corrupt, Convicted Godfather of Trump’s Republican Party

On November 15, the Washington Post published the following:

The man who pioneered Trumpism – How Spiro Agnew first blazed the path that President Trump is following.
Agnew is the spiritual godfather of President Trump and a harbinger of the modern Republican Party. He was Richard Nixon’s Vice President, until  his corruption and a Justice Department investigation led to his resignation in October 1973
  • As is the case for conservatives today, his political base loved his media-bashing. By the end of 1969, Agnew was the third-most-admired man in America, behind only Billy Graham and Nixon.
  • But Agnew resigned in disgrace a year into his second term, pleading no contest to tax evasion for taking kickbacks that had started during his time in Maryland. He slunk off to Southern California for a life spent golfing with Frank Sinatra, lobbying on behalf of Saudi Arabian potentates and publishing an odd, steamy novel.
  • Agnew…might be the best avatar of Trump’s party in 2018. His assaults on the media became the norm in Republican politics, as did his attacks on college professors, the purported immorality of popular culture and the perceived arrogance of “coastal elites.”
IndieDems Comment: And–like Trump’s Republicans–he was scorrupt as hell.

There is a one hundred percent-plus resemblance between the Trumpist Republicans and the ones who swooned over Agnew. Corruption? Think: Scott Pruitt – Wilbur Ross – Ryan Zinke – Tom Price – Ben Carson. Throw in Michael Cohen, Paul Mannafort, Rick Gates. And that is only a fraction of the overall number. See Trump’s Corruption: The Definitive List

When trump was inaugurated, I predicted that he and his Republicans would give us an Administration that combined the worst of McCarthyism, Watergate, and Irangate. This toxic brew, I said, represented the true legacy of the modern Republican Party, and Trump was its exemplar. My only surprise has been how right I was. Trump, of course, has adjusted to the warped hearts and souls of current Republicans by magnifying the lies, demagoguery, racism, xenophobia, and misogyny of the Agnewists.

Of course, Trump has not been caught accepting envelopes of cash in his office. No need to. He’s already gotten loads of cash from the Russians, most of which is probably at least superficially legal. Like Russians paying him inflated prices for his condo in Miami and buying apartments in Trump Tower—the classic methods of money laundering. Saudis and other billionaires, too, who also rent rooms in his Washington hotel.

Get yourself a copy of the book “House of Trump, House of Putin” for a detailed and documented look at the web of Russian oligarchs, Russian and American Mafias, and con men and hucksters of all stripes that surround the Trumps. Compared to them, Agnew’s corruption was kindergarten stuff. Don’t forget the Trump University and Trump Foundation.

The authors are dead-on. Agnew is a key part of the legacy of the morally and intellectually corrupt Republican Party that daily wages war on our fundamental moral and democratic values—-and on common human decency. Take a photo of Agnew and put it next to any Republican who will be holding or running for office next year. You have peas in a pod.

You can start with my two Senators, Johnny Isakson and David Perdue. Throw in Nikki Haley.

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