The “Cancel Culture”: Liberals Who Mirror Image Trumpists

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The so-called Cancel culture is becoming all too real, notwithstanding Republican and right-wing efforts to magnify its impact. Some recent examples:

Yale Law student told to apologize over a party invite
How one invitation sent Yale around the bend

An American professor was fired for showing Othello to his students
A Professor’s Apology for Showing a Film With Blackface

IndieDems Comment

I am a Democrat who loathes ideological labels but any objective analysis of my viewpoints according to current standards would label me a liberal. 

I am ready to puke at another incident that shows what a bunch of narrow-minded, blinkered creeps many so-called and self- proclaimed liberals/ progressives have become. Can they honestly be blind to the way they have turned themselves into dogmatic caricatures of liberals that mirror image the dogmatic caricatures of conservatives that Trumpists have become? They match each other in their smug intolerance and their knee-jerk readiness to react like snarling hyenas to anyone who dares offend what they have decided is the gospel truth.

A plague on both their houses and may we soon place them all on the dust bin of history.

(Signed) Tom Barksdale

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