Supreme Court Justice Barrett’s Spurious Claim that the Court Is Non-Partisan

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In a speech on September 12, 2021, Amy Coney Barrett, the latest appointee to the Supreme Court, denied the idea that the Justices render decisions based on their political ideologies and outlook. She said the Justices were not “political hacks” and whatever differences they had were based on “judicial philosophies,” not on politics.

IndieDems Comment:

Good luck with an argument, Justice Barrett, belied by blunt reality.

Justices Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and Barrett are Donald Trump’s puppets on the Supreme Court. For the next thirty or forty years, these Justices’ decisions will reflect the morality and political philosophy of Trump. How do we know that’s a certainty? Because Trump, Senate GOP Leader McConnell, the appointees themselves, and members of the right-wing Federalist Society told us so. From day one of each one’s nomination, Republican leaders told us unequivocally that each one was being nominated because they were fervent disciples of Donald Trump and would vote the way he wanted them to vote. And Republican Senators demonstrated their agreement by voting for the threesome’s confirmation

McConnell, you recall, rushed through Barrett’s hearings precisely because he knew Trump’s days in office were numbered. Republicans fell all over themselves to get Trump’s puppets on the Supreme Court and made no bones about their intent. 

And the background to Barrett’s speech on judicial independence is so rich in irony, it would appear to come from a fiction novel about the workings of Washington’s insulated, Inside-the-Beltway culture. Who issued her the invitation to speak and escorted her on her journey? Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, the grand master of getting her nomination approved by the Senate. And where was it delivered? At the McConnell Center at the University of Louisville in Kentucky–McConnell’s home state. The average American is left to ponder: could Barrett and McConnell be blind to the appearance of rank hypocrisy to her giving a speech about judicial independence, engulfed in the partisan political trappings on full display? Or, are Barrett and Trump so secure in their right-wing universe, they seized on giving the American people a thumb in the eye, laughing all the way?

As a seasoned political observer noted, “Trump and McConnell wanted hard-right justices for the Court, and they worked together to get Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett on the bench. Now those justices may argue convincingly that they are not partisan actors…”

For Barrett to claim she and the other puppets make objective decisions is gross hypocrisy at best, outright lying at worst. After all, she’s proud of being associated with the congenital liar Trump and the most corrupt, incompetent, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic Administration that America has ever had. No doubt her decisions will reflect that mentality, as she promised.

Amy Barrett is to the Supreme Court what Marjorie Taylor Greene is to Congress. If Amy Barrett is a Christian, I’m the Easter Bunny.

Amy Coney Barrett says the supreme court aren’t ‘partisan hacks’. Oh, really?

The rank hypocrisy of Justice Amy Coney Barrett claiming the Court isn’t partisan

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