Stacey Abrams as Biden VP Candidate? Say It Ain’t so, Stacey

I am a Georgian. My long-time admiration and respect for Stacey Abrams increased considerably when she ran a campaign for Governor that came close to electing a black female in red-state Georgia. Abrams has a great future ahead of her, and running in 2020 against Senator David Perdue, the pluperfect exemplar of a dumb Trump lapdog, would enhance her career and the fortunes of the Democratic Party, in Georgia and nationwide.

Now comes the news that Joe Biden, when he comes off playing Hamlet and announces his presidential bid, is thinking of immediately announcing his selection of Abrams as his vice presidential running mate.

This is the most harebrained idea yet to surface among the Democratic candidates. One national commentator summed it up eloquently this way: “But the gimmick is so transparent that it also carries the real risk of devaluing Abraham’s own political brand.”

I mean, for heaven’s sake. Biden, out of the gate in running against the political stunt man of all times, is going to mimic Trump’s attention-getting gimmicks designed to appeal to a some narrow constituency, more as social media bait than even common-sense politics? Will Biden point to his decision and declare, “I know more about appointing VP candidates than anybody”?

The stunt would undermine, not advance, Abram’s political fortunes. She’d be seen as kowtowing to an old white man’s need to look progressive and “cool.” Her status as an effective, independent voice for reform would suffer a devastating blow.

Don’t do it, Stacey. Become a United States Senator, and your future widens before you.

One thought on “Stacey Abrams as Biden VP Candidate? Say It Ain’t so, Stacey

  1. Beverley Kates March 22, 2019 at 7:04 pm -

    Democrats are looking forward to watching the debates of the smorgasbord of candidates and deciding who are the most outstanding. It is premature of VP Biden to assume he will be the Democratic candidate and selecting a running mate this soon.

    Stacey Abrams is a rising star and is bright and competent. The problem is that she lost the election for governor, however unfair that was. She will be dynamite in the future if she wins a statewide election, pays off her debt, loses a few pounds, and gets her teeth fixed. Unfortunately we live in a visual age and Roosevelt and Truman would probably not be elected today. It is sad but true. We don’t need to give Trump any fodder for making his unkind remarks.

    At this time favorite of mine and several other friends is Mayor Pete Buttigieg. He graduated from Harvard magna cum laude, is thoughtful, articulate, and impressive. His maturity belies his relative youth.

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