“Some Ga. chiropractors are stoking fears of COVID vaccines”

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The AJC this morning reported this shocking piece of news:
“State is seen as a hotbed for those discouraging vaccination because nation’s largest chiropractic college is here”


  • On Facebook…chiropractor Josh Paxton….has repeatedly claimed that the COVID vaccines can have frightening side effects, despite their stellar overall safety record.
  • Through social media and other forums…some chiropractors have shared debunked conspiracy theories and unsubstantiated claims, the kind of misinformation thatU.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has called a “clear and present danger” for those still unprotected.

IndieDems Comment:

You want to say, “this can’t be happening,” but it’s all too true in Trumplandia, where spreading lies & falsehoods is a way of life–where the Big Lies about fraud stealing elections and the Jan 6 mob being a bunch of tourists are accepted as truth.

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