So-called “Liberal” MSM Enhance Trump’s Legitimacy

//Same words: Propaganda on Fox, journalism on CNN, MSNBC//

Comments on Twitter and in online forums are increasingly bringing to the forefront a matter that has been simmering beneath the surface for some time, but is being ignored: why have even mainstream media like the Washington Post and the New York Times begun offering their pages to voices of outright extremism?

Two culprits are Washington Post columnists: Marc Thiessen and Hugh Hewitt. Both of them do nothing but regurgitate the vile filth of Fox News. But while Fox’s “newspersons” are recognized as nothing more than propagandists for Trump, the same Trumpist apologia emanating from Thiessen and Hewitt supposedly represent legitimate journalism.

The two so-called “liberal” TV news channels, CNN and MSNBC, do the same thing. Day after day, they allow talking head Republicans to deliver their justification of Trump—speaking the same demagogic nonsense that, coming from the “journalists” on Fox, would get them laughed out of the room by real journalists.

What do I mean by extremist? It’s become quite simple, based on the four year track record of Trump since announcing his presidential bid. That record shows beyond the shadow of a doubt that Trump is a congenital liar, racist, bigot, xenophobe, and misogynist. His own words and deeds show that, without reservation. Plus, he’s just plain stupid. Every time Marc Thiessen and Hugh Hewitt write a column, and every time some Trump apologist appears on CNN and MSNBC, they speak and write the same Trumpist demagoguery and propaganda spoken by his mouthpieces on Fox.

But if the words appear in the Post or the NYT, they are legitimate journalists? By claiming such nonsense, the Post, the Times, CNN, and MSNBC are doing their part to legitimize the warped and depraved mentality of Trump and his Republican minions. They are permanently lowering the bar for what constitutes the degradation of our political culture.

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