SNL Outdoes GOP in Upholding Moral Values

Shane Gillis no longer joining SNL cast after outcry over racist language

IndieDems Comment:

Saturday Night Live, a television show that pushes the boundary of acceptable language, has fired a comedian for using racist, homophobic and sexist language. A strong stand in favor of common human decency, equality, the Golden Rule, and America’s basic moral values.

The President of the United States regularly uses such language, and, in addition, is a chronic liar and has been a serial adulterer, in violation of God’s 10 Commandments. Republicans not only accept the words and deeds of this moral reprobate as normal, they are eager to re-elect him for four more years.

In sum, Saturday Night Live is more concerned about the moral standards of America than the Republican Party and its President. While the Republican Party becomes increasingly committed to a warped, twisted, and despicable agenda of outright racism, xenophobia, and misogyny, SNL takes a stand behind the normal moral standards Americans have always lived by—the moral standards Republicans have spat on, torn to shreds, and stomped into the mud.

What a telling commentary Republicans themselves have delivered about the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the Republican Party.

What Americans are perfectly content with being members of a political party that SNL outshines in upholding family values?  Below are three of them who are Georgians. We’ve associated each of them with a synopsis of words their beloved president has spoken about Hispanic migrants.

“animals infesting America”    “mostly rapists and criminals”         “breeders”                                                            
Joan Kirchner Carr,                              Megan Whittemore,                Rob Adkerson
Sen. Isakson COS                                   Sen.  Perdue COS                       Rep. Loudermilk COS

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