Should Democrats Stop Calling Trump a Racist?

Newspaper Columnist:
“Trump is a racist. Democrats should stop calling him one.”


My goodness. Dana Milbank says we can’t speak the truth about Republicans being racist because it only intensifies their racism. Just imagine how much better the world would have been if previous generations had followed that rule.

President Roosevelt addresses the nation in the aftermath of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor: “My fellow Americans. I know your impulse will be to accuse the Japanese of being war-mongering, treacherous murderers devoid of any spark of humanity. Please, resist any such nonsense. It only reinforces the Japanese determination to continue their war. Instead, say things like ‘Japan has temporarily disrupted the peace’ or ‘Japan’s approach will result in an uptick in the mortality rate.’ It gets us nowhere to label them murderous bastards.”

President Lincoln addresses the nation after the Confederates attack Fort Sumpter and launch the Civil War: “My fellow Americans. Please refrain from labeling the Confederates a bunch of treasonous rebels who are making war against the concept of government of, by, and for the people, and a bunch of inhuman slaveholders to boot. Such extremist rhetoric only intensifies their willingness to continue to fight. Instead, say they are people who maybe have gone a bit too far in protecting states’ rights. Join me in rejecting the radical idea that we should say we will continue this war until every drop of blood drawn with the lash is paid by one drawn with the sword. Utter rubbish! Tell them they are being naughty little boys and girls for being so divisive.”

Why, think of how much conflict we could have avoided in Lincoln and Roosevelt had followed the Milbank rules!

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