Senators Isakson & Perdue Brought Us the Syrian Disaster

//Republicans: If you have any shame over the disaster you and your President have brought us, join the Democrats in impeaching and removing Donald Trump.//

Donald Trump has brought us the worst foreign policy disaster in U.S. history produced by the deliberate decision of a President. The only ones equal or worst—like the Bay of pigs—are the result of accident or miscalculation. I won’t bother to elaborate on all the multi-dimensional aspects of the disaster. They leap out at us from every factual news report.

But one feature of the disaster needs to be emphasized: Donald Trump, with his deliberate, savage betrayal of the Kurds to Turkish slaughter, has committed an evil equal to those of Adolf Hitler. Trump shares Hitler’s mentality. Trump thinks and acts like Adolf Hitler, and he has given us the darkest day in American history.

Republicans are fully complicit in this unfolding evil. Please, don’t make us reach for our barth bags by telling us some Republicans are criticizing Trump’s decision. The daily headlines show us their knuckle raps do not amount to a pitcher of warm spit to Der Fuhrer Trump. The Donald Trump who made the decision—and continues to implement it—was made President of the United States by Republicans, who continued as his slavish lap dogs as he implemented his racist, xenophobic, nativist, misogynistic policies, culminating in kidnapping children and locking them up in wire cages.

Are Republicans really horrified as they watch Trump’s Hitlerian disaster unfold? Simple proof: join the Democrats in impeaching this monster and expelling him from office. His acts are not only demonstrably immoral. They are wreaking havoc on the national security interests of the United States. More than enough grounds for impeachment.

But all the Republicans can do is hold press conferences in Washington? They prove the Republican Party is morally and intellectually bankrupt, a burnt-out case overdue to be placed in the dust bin of history.

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