Senator Johnny Isakson Warmly Embraces Trump, GOP’s Lawlessness

//”My name is Johnny Isakson, and I look at Trump’s record and shout to the stars: “We must elect this man President for another four years!!’ ”//

Georgia Senator Isakson has remained a faithful supporter of Donald Trump since Trump became the Republican presidential nominee in 2016. The various vicissitudes of Trump’s presidency has brought only rare and minor rebukes from Isakson. Isakson has been in the forefront of Republicans shrugging off Trump’s epic misconduct and wrongdoing.

And now, Isakson is endorsing Trump’s re-election—meaning, Isakson is giving his stamp of approval to every word Trump has spoken and every deed he has committed.

IndieDems is so impressed with Isakson’s steadfastness, we have decided to honor him by linking him in separate posts to Trump’s words and deeds. We will present the facts, and then render what Isakson’s track record and previous stands seem to show is his current position. In recent posts, IndieDems has pointed out how Isakson’s boot-licking ways have led him to turn a blind eye to Trump’s stating he will not spy on Kim Jong Un and to Labor Secretary Chao’s flagrant use of her position to benefit her family’s business interests.

In this post, we show how Senator Johnny Isakson is inextricably linked to a deeper pathology — Trump and the GOP’s growing trampling underfoot the Constitution and the rule of law. The latest headlines:

 IndieDems has written pro bono Senator Johnny Isakson’s press release about Trump’s willful defiance of the law and democratic norms, based on Isakson’s past four years of lapdog support for Trump. ( You’re welcome, Senator!):

“My name is Johnny Isakson, and the above headlines just warm my Trump-loving heart. I am ever so proud of President Trump’s being willing to keep Kellyanne Conway on board and to say to hell with the findings of the Office of Legal Counsel that she is flagrantly violating the law.”

“As a United States Senator, I also draw on my personal conscience, my Christian values, and my years of service to applaud Trump’s showing contempt for the rule of law by stating his willingness to accept foreign reports on his opponents. This is an excellent reinforcement of Trump’s overall obsequiousness toward Vladimir Putin, including his acceptance of the words of Putin that Russia did not interfere massively in our 2016 elections, despite the unanimous opinion of the United States’ Intelligence Services that Russia did.

“As is well known, I am also overjoyed that Trump has fallen in love with Kim Jong Un, on the way to making the Korean peninsula a nuclear-free zone. I pay no attention to the nitpicking that Kim is no further to denuclearization than ever his nuclear weapons program continues unabated.”

“I’m proud to say that Georgia Republicans are united in their support for a pathologically lying, bullying, xenophobic, misogynistic, racist, treasonous, fascistic, white nationalist criminal.”

My name is Johnny Isakson, and I look at Trump’s record and shout to the stars: “We must elect this man President for another four years!!’ ”
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