Senator Isakson: Why Do You Endorse Trump’s Betrayal of Our Kurdish Allies?

Dear Senator Isakson: I know you are a busy person, so let keep things short for both of us by making a statement that raises the issue I’m writing about and ask whether you agree or disagree with that statement. Here is my statement:
“Trump’s decision  to betray our Kurdish allies by giving Turkey a green light to attack them is both  grossly immoral and poses a threat to the national security interests of the United States.”
Senator Isakson, do you agree or disagree with the above statement?
But if you want more information, here it is.
U.S. starts withdrawing troops from northern Syria as Turkey readies offensive 
IndieDems Comment:
Trump and Johnny Isakson’s war on our democratic values, the Constitution, the rule of law, and common human decency is intensifying as his re-election draws closer. Trump’s incoherent foreign policy has also become more chaotic by his dragging it into the muck and mire of his domestic politics with his lawless attempt to drag Ukraine into investigating the Bidens.
Trump’s dark foreign policy machinations have now become even more grossly immoral and dangerous with his betrayal of the Kurds.  The Kurds have been our steadfast allies in the battle to defeat ISIS. The battlefield successes achieved without committing major new numbers of U.S. forces is largely due to the Kurds. To desert them now would repeat one of the sorriest patterns the U.S. has followed in the past. The last time came after the Kurds fought on our side when President George Herbert Walker Bush invaded Iraq to drive Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait, and we abandoned them to Saddam’s retaliation once our goal was achieved. Even then, the U.S. at least instituted a no-fly zone over Kurdish territory to impede an all-out Iraqi invasion.
Notice that Trump is once more ignoring the advice of his military and civilian security experts to implement this disgraceful policy. Other countries will note where standing with the United States will get you. Our European allies have already given up on looking to us for leadership. Betraying the Kurds will drive another nail in the coffin of our prestige—as well as being grossly immoral.
Senator Isakson, you long ago showed you have no shame about enabling Trump’s dysfunctional and incompetent presidency. But how deep into this sewer are you willing to go?

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