Senator Isakson Doubles Down on Opposition to Another Government Shutdown

On Thursday, January 24, Georgia’s senior U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson took the unusual step of joining five other Republican Senators in voting for a Democratic-sponsored bill that would put an end to Trump’s 35-day old shutdown¬† of the Federal Government as blackmail to get his way for funding of a border wall.

The bill, and a separate one sponsored by Republicans, failed to pass. However, the signs of growing Republican unrest over the shutdown forced Trump the next day to announce a 15-day reopening to gain time for the two parties to come to some agreement on illegal immigration policy. Trump has made clear he is willing to close the government again if he does not get his funding for the wall. As of January 31, negotiations continue.

But a further surprise from Senator Isakson: on Monday, January 28, Isakson gave an interview to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in which he made clear his opposition to another government shutdown: Johnny Isakson splashes cold water on talk of another shutdown

His vote, he said, was intended “to send a signal that I am going to try to keep the people at work and solve the problem, not play politics with the people’s jobs, their payrolls, and the country.”

Editor’s note: keep in mind the above timetable as you read the rather convoluted AJC report.

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