Sarah Sanders Gets Booted Out of a Restaurant

Incredibly some commentators are depicting the denial of service to Sarah Huckabee Sanders as a partisan political act.

What a bunch of absolute bullcrud to depict Sanders’ booting as caused by partisan politics and ideological divisions. It is the act of normal, decent Americans fed up with the now proven fact that The Trump Administration is the most immoral, corrupt, and incompetent administration in the history of the Republic. Sanders, Trump and Republicans are waging a war on every basic moral and democratic value America stands for–and on common human decency.

I am one of those who despise the Trumpists with a passion. Not one single reason I have cited to justify my position has anything to do with partisan politics or ideological leanings. Not a single one.

Who is Sarah Huckabee Sanders? She is a person who looks the American people in the eye almost daily and lies to us. She tells lies of her own or she repeats Trump’s lies. The assembled newspeople point out her lies and she scoffs and keeps on lying. Sanders actually has fun lying. She has a sick grin on her face as she knowingly tells another lie. She knows as well as you and I do that Trump is a congenital liar. She does not care.

The restaurant owner explains her action: “And she knew — she believed — that Sarah Huckabee Sanders worked in the service of an “inhumane and unethical” administration. That she publicly defended the president’s cruelest policies, and that that could not stand.”

Sarah Sanders has remained a gushing supporter of an Administration that has exhibited utmost cruelty, depravity, and meaness in separating children from their parents and inflicting unspeakable trauma on them that will warp their lives forever–with no procedures in place to reunite them with their parents. Her support for this depraved madness, alone, fully justifies her being shunned by normal, decent Americans.

Trump in recent days has crossed over into outright racism by saying immigrants come to “infest” us, telling flagrant lies about immigrant crime and numbers, and once more calling Senator Warren “Pocahontas.” Sanders’ father just published a photo of MS-13 gang members and labeled them Nancy Pelosi’s staffers. Sanders remains an admirer of Trump and Dad.

Shunning these overt racist bigots is a noble act.

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