Right-wing Extremists Likely Fomenting Violence

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To all you Republicans who are crying bloody murder about alleged leftist-inspired violence, does the following logic escape you? Look at the mass of people in any of the current demonstrations. You see law-abiding citizens exercising their right to peacefully demonstrate. Whatever violence or burning has occurred was obviously carried out by a tiny minority of people. What does it take to set a building on fire? One person?Yet, you do the highly illogical, irrational thing and hold thousands responsible for acts maybe committed by 1-10 people.

Would’t this be a more logical conclusion: pro-Trump, right-wing extremists see a golden opportunity to use the peaceful demonstrations to their advantage. They infiltrate a handful of people into Portland, Seattle, wherever, to set fires and commit violence—and then loudly beat the drums about Antifa and leftist extremist committing the violence. This would be Exercise 101 in the play book of how to spread black propaganda.

That is my very rational conclusion about what is happening. If you know I’m wrong, please, give me the names of the Antifa adherents that you have proof committed the violence. Quote the FBI or DHS reports that provide conclusive evidence of leftist instigation. Give me the names of the leaders of the groups or adherents. Tell me why no arrests have been made.

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