Republicans Step Up Cruelty toward Children

In early 2018, Americans learned that President Trump’s Republican administration had kidnaped hundreds of Hispanic migrant children from their parents and imprisoned them in wire cages in detention camps. We were repulsed and outraged listening to the taped voice of a very young child crying inconsolably and asking for their mama. When newspeople were finally allowed inside the camps, we looked in horror at the inhumane, deplorable conditions in which the children were being held.
Over 18 months later, children and adults are still being detained in those camps. We once more recently watched and listened in horror as newscasters reported the stench they  encountered when allowed access to the facilities, conditions were so deplorable.
And on Wednesday, August 7, the Trump administration committed yet another unspeakable act of cruelty against Latino immigrants. Once more, children suffered the most.
Roughly 600 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) goons staged massive raids in Mississippi to round up Latinos allegedly in the U.S. illegally. Virtually all (if not all) were living the lives of ordinary Americans. They got up, took their children to school, went to work, mowed their lawns, and paid taxes.
ICE made no provisions for the children suddenly left without their parents. Children were simply left abandoned in their schools, kindergartens, and day care centers. Read how ICE Mississippi Raid Took Place On First Day Of School, Causing Chaos For Children.    Read more here and here to grasp the magnitude of the horror that adult human beings are willing to inflict on innocent children.
Whatever care the children received came solely from ordinary Mississippians spontaneously organizing a volunteer effort on the children’s behalf.
Two photos that sum up 50 years of what the Republican Party is all about.
The photo below is an Associated Press
photograph that won a Pulitzer Prize. It
was taken by Nick Ut on June 8, 1972.


Vietnam 1972, brought to you by GOP      Mississippi 2019, brought to you by GOP

President Nixon                                                        President Trump

And who are the Americans capable of inflicting cruel and inhumane pain on children?
They can be summed up in one word: Republican. Here are three prime Georgia representatives of this ilk of humanity.
Georgia’s Enablers of Child Torture
Johnny Isakson               David Perdue                Barry Loudermilk
They not only wholeheartedly endorse what Trump has already done and said. They want to re-elect him for an additional four years. Six years from now, we can still be listening to children crying for their mommies—and these people still will not give a damn.
Equally horrifying, we still will be listening to Trump’s racist, bigoted, xenophobic, hate-mongering demagoguery. In fact, that’s why Isakson, Perdue, and Loudermilk want him re-elected.

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