Republicans’ Mind-numbing Cowardice

Senators Isakson and Perdue Once More Bow Down to Der Fuhrer—uh, President—Trump

President Trump this month declared a national emergency to deal with the growing press of immigrants on our southern border. The declaration was based on lies, distortions, and misrepresentation of the actual situation. On March 14, 12 Republican Senators finally mustered enough courage to stand against Trump’s riding roughshod over the United States  Congress and joined their Democratic colleagues to muster a majority vote in favor of a resolution against the implementation of the emergency decree.

The House of Representatives had already approved the measure. Trump promptly vetoed the resolution. Congressional opponents are unlikely to be able to muster the two-thirds vote needed to override the veto.

Don’t let the fact that the resolution passed blind you to the fact that the real story here is how many Republicans voted for Trump, not the few who broke ranks and voted against him. The whole emergency declaration is based on flagrant lies–disproven by readily available facts–and fueled by outright racism and xenophobia. The use of the declaration is, as its opponents state, a brazen attack on the basic principles of the constitution—no less than the separation of powers on which it is based.

The majority of Republicans in both houses betrayed their country and violated their oaf of office by voting against the resolution. With this one vote, Congressional Republicans have delivered a sledgehammer blow against our basic principles, one that combines the worst of McCarthyism, Watergate, and Irangate—to name the previous times in which Republicans turned to brazen lies, demagoguery, and criminal acts and threw ethics overboard in pursuit of twisted goals.

In the weeks proceeding the vote, more than 20 Republican senators expressed opposition to or significant reservations about Trump’s national emergency declaration. In the end, eight displayed their cowardice and violated their own professed true opinion by voting with Trump.

GOP Senators Stage a Flip-flop for the Ages

Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) did not just say he opposed the emergency declaration. He actually wrote a Washington Post op-ed explaining why.  Even after he got some push-back from his fellow Republicans, he told a journalist “It’s never a tough vote for me when I’m standing on principle.” But a few days before the vote, Tillis began looking for a way out. He tried to help forge a compromise, but when Trump refused to budge, he pulled a complete reversal and voted with the President.

Senator Ben Basse (R-Neb) said at first: “…as a constitutional conservative I don’t want a future Democratic president unilaterally rewriting gun laws or climate policy. ” He said that if presidents were allowed to declare an emergency any time they couldn’t get what they want from Congress, the constitutional system of checks and balances would be endangered. “The legislative branch has (already) given away too much power and the executive branch has taken too much power.”

In the end, Sasse voted with Trump to uphold the declaration–and blamed Nancy Pelosi for the whole mess!

Please, do not send me running for my barth bag by bringing up the Republicans who opposed the emergency declaration in private but voted to uphold it. They are cowards, pure and simple. Imagine. Cowards are the nearest thing to heroes the Republican Party can produce. The rest are the boot-licking lapdogs of Donald Trump, no different than the boot-licking Germans who worshiped Adolf Hitler.

Mitch McConnell leads the cowardly lackeys. I’m ashamed to say my two Senators, Johnny Isakson and David Perdue, are members of the pack.


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