Republicans Join U.K. Tabloids in Their Degradation of Decency

//The tabloid readers and the Trumpist Republicans live in a world that is devoid of morality, decency, and respect for their fellow man//

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, have announced they will withdraw from performing their royal duties and lead a more private life. Their decision resulted in large part from the British tabloids’ negative and insulting treatment of Meghan.

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IndieDems comment:

Incredible that the media ignore the truly sad aspect of Meghan and Harry’s saga: it’s the British people who love this garbage that are the real source of the couple’s misery. The tabloids are simply producing the supply created by the public’s demand.

In the United States, we have the same pathetic situation: Donald Trump and Republican politicians, daily, supply the lies, slander, insults, and plain meanness demanded by ordinary Republicans. The Brits who buy the tabloids and the Republicans who support Trump live in a world that is devoid of morality, decency, and respect for their fellow man. Trump is the morally and intellectually bankrupt leader of a morally and intellectually bankrupt Republican Party. Republicans have sacrificed God’s Commandments and Jesus’ Golden Rule on the altar of worshiping Donald Trump.

Let me mention the two most recent examples of what I’m talking about. President Donald Trump stated unequivocally that he is willing to commit a War Crime and bomb cultural targets. Rep.Doug Collins said, “Democrats love terrorists.” Not only will neither of those depraved statements deter a single Republican from voting for them—it will encourage them to do do.

Our modern day Republicans have combined the worst of the lies, slander, and criminality brought to us by McCarthyism, Watergate, and Iran-Contra and created Trumpism—and they live and breathe by this toxic concoction, the Republican legacy for the ages.

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