Republican Leaders Boot Licking of Trump Remains Growth Industry

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Media columnist’s opinion: “Trump is making Republican leaders look downright pathetic”

IndieDems Comment:

Why does anyone even bother to point out the obsequiousness of Trump’s Republican supporters? Two bedrock facts of modern American politics are now well established: 1. Donald Trump is an ignorant, uninformed, self-serving, narcissistic, racist, xenophobic proto-fascist thug. 2. Republicans worship this thug the way Germans worshiped Hitler, and they will continue to worship him no matter how warped, twisted, and depraved he shows himself to be. 
It is feckless to believe Republicans will come to their senses about Trump. They either agree with him outright, or they are sniveling cowards unwilling to confront him. America’s only hope is to consign Republicans to the same dust bin of history as Benedict Arnold, slaveowners, insurrectionist rebels, McCarthyism, and Watergate criminals. Republicans pose a clear and present danger to American democracy.

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