Republican Family Values in Full Flower

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Republican National Committee Official Admits to Payoff to Pregnant Playboy Model”

(Excerpt) A top GOP fundraiser and prominent backer of President Trump stepped down from his Republican National Committee post Friday after revelations that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen arranged a $1.6 million settlement with a former Playboy model the donor had impregnated.

IndieDems Comment:
Man, isn’t America lucky that the Republican Party, with its deep commitment to family values, now controls the federal government and most of the state governments. How wonderful it is to see those Republicans and their values more prominently displayed every day. Those humble Republicans cannot hide any more what being a Republican is all about! Their election of Donald Trump has torn apart the veil that has hidden the truth for so long.
Think of what America has suffered all these years by not having a President who insults the military service of John McCain, brags about sexually assaulting women and calls them bimbos, knows that Obama is a foreign-born Muslim, uses ethnic slurs, is a congenital liar, praises neo-fascists marching in Nazi-like parades chanting “Jews will not replace us,” supports the senatorial candidacy of a child molester and law breaker, and approves calling his own daughter a piece of a- -.
And now Trump and one after another other Republicans are shown to be serial adulterers. Viva Republicans and their unwavering values!

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