Republican Candidates: A Sorry Lot

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/Do all sociopaths become Republicans, or do all Republicans become sociopaths?/

A GOP Specialty: Bad Senate Candidates

(Excerpt) “Perhaps Republicans should (think hard) before nominating another lousy Senate candidate in a race they should win. Witness Eric Greitens, who is running for the open Senate seat in Missouri. In 2018 he resigned as Governor amid allegations he’d sexually coerced a hairdresser and photographed her bound and nude as blackmail if she divulged the affair. Mr. Greitens’s ex-wife, Sheena Greitens, has alleged in court documents that Mr. Greitens physically abused her and their sons, in addition to isolating them in a lake house, and repeatedly threatening suicide to force Ms. Greitens to publicly support him.”

Republican Candidates Face Accusations of Violent Attacks, Other Wrongdoing

(Excerpts) In Missouri, Georgia, Ohio and Nebraska, Republican men running for high office face significant allegations of domestic violence, stalking, even sexual assault — accusations that once would have derailed any run for office. But in an era of Republican politics when Donald J. Trump could survive and thrive amid accusations of sexual assault, opposing candidates are finding little traction in dwelling on the issues.

Georgia: Senatorial candidate Herschel Walker has owned up to accusations of violence against his wife but has denied the accusations of violent threats against two other women. he has denied a violent stalking charge by a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

Ohio: Max Miller, another Trump-backed candidate and a former White House aide running for an House seat, was accused by one of Mr. Trump’s press secretaries, Stephanie Grisham, of hitting her the day they broke up. Mr. Miller denied the allegation, then sued Ms. Grisham for defamation, accusing her of making “libelous and defamatory false statements.”

Nebraska: a Republican state senator,  Julie Slama, accused a leading Republican candidate for governor in that state, Charles Herbster, of sexually assaulting her three years ago when she was 22. Mr. Herbster denied the charges.

Pennsylvania: Sean Parnell, Trump’s pick for an open Senate seat, suspended his campaign after his estranged wife testified that he had repeatedly abused her and their children.

Ex-wife accuses top Missouri GOP Senate candidate of abuse

Former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, now a leading Republican Senate candidate, was physically abusive and demonstrated such “unstable and coercive behavior” that steps were taken to limit his access to firearms, according to new allegations from his ex-wife revealed in court records. She had  divorced Greitens after a sex scandal which led to his resignation as governor in June 2018.

Nebraska U.S. Rep. Fortenberry found guilty in campaign probe

(Excerpt) Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska was convicted Thursday of charges that he lied to federal authorities about an illegal $30,000 contribution to his campaign from a foreign billionaire at a 2016 Los Angeles fundraiser. A federal jury in California found the nine-term Republican guilty of one count of falsifying and concealing material facts and two counts of making false statements.

Even Republicans Repelled by Rep. Cawthorn’s Outrageous Charges  

Rep. Madison Cawthorne (R-NC), speaking on a podcast, alleged he was aware of widespread sexual perversion among his fellow politicians in Washington. He said he’d be talking to one and suddenly “they’re asking you to come to an orgy.” Or some of the people leading the movement to try to end addiction, “you watch them do a key bump of cocaine right in front of you.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy quickly stated that there was “no evidence” for Cawthorn’s orgy allegations. Other Republicans showed their displeasure by daring Cawthorn to name names.  According to media reports,  McCarthy sternly rebuked Cawthorn and stated that Cawthorn had lost his trust, but did not formally discipline him. Washington Post columnists nailed Cawthorn as “one of a new breed of Republican representatives who operate in the most fetid gutters of the new political pathways carved by Donald Trump. This class includes worthies like Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.), Lauren Boebert (Colo.) and Matt Gaetz (Fla.): They’re basically professional media provocateurs who also happen to have gotten elected to Congress.”

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