Reminder: Election of GA SECSTATE Is Critical This Year

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Republicans nationwide are going all-out to elect Trump puppets as their State Secretary of State because of the position’s key role in managing elections. Having Trump puppets in place will greatly facilitate Republican efforts to steal elections, especially the 2024 presidential election. In 2020, Trump pressed incumbent Republican SECSTATE Brad Raffensperger to illegally alter the popular vote count to switch Georgia’s electoral votes to Trump. Only Raffensperger’s courage and integrity in resisting Trump assured Biden’s victory.

Imagine what would have happened if a Trump lap dog had been Secretary of State. That’s what the Republicans are planning for 2024.

Here are the Democrats running in the May primary to be the Democratic nominee:

John Eaves, Floyd Griffin, Bee Nguyen, Michael Owens, and Manswell Peterson are running in the Democratic primary for Georgia Secretary of State on May 24, 2022.

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