Pro-Putin Trump Followers Constitute a Powerful Wing in the Republican Party

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/Republicans march toward lawless authoritarianism. Some say: Fascism/

A far right wing of the Republican Party tightly bound to former President Donald Trump is fighting to push the GOP toward the “America First” isolationism that underpinned his 2016 presidential bid.

The pro-Putin Trump loyalists include Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. In a speech on the House floor in March, Greene gave a succinct summary of an America First argument. After objecting to the abundant attention the war in Ukraine is getting, she said that what “real Americans care about are gas prices that they can’t afford,” inflation and security along the southern border.

Greene is one of Trump’s favorite Congresspersons. He went to Georgia in 2020 to support her campaign and has praised her extremist rhetoric. Greene has spoken and written racist and ethnic slurs. The House took the rare step of removing her from all committees because of her publicly expressed extremism.

Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, whom Trump has also endorsed for re-election, echoed Greene’s sentiment. Both Boebert and Greene are disciples of QAnon, the extremist group that claims pedophilia is rampart among Democrats (“Pizzagate”) and believe JFK, Jr. is alive, in hiding, and will reveal himself one day and lead the Trumpists in their fight-to-the-finish battle against their opponents—i.e., normal Americans. Greene has promoted anti-semitism, conspiracy theories, and attended a white nationalist conference. 

The pro-Putin, pro-QAnon Trumpists wield influence in the Republican Party out of proportion to their numerical strength. Their stature will be enhanced if Republicans win back the majority in the House in the November elections. House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy has already pledged to restore Greene’s committee assignments if the GOP becomes the majority. His pledge is a flagrant sucking up to Trump and to Trump’s QAnon/Proud Boys/Oath Keepers political allies. Republican victories in November is sure to fuel  the anti-democratic sentiments that now guide the Republican Party.

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