Paul Ryan: Hypocrite on Parade

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File:Trump shaking hands with Paul Ryan.jpg
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan welcomes President Trump to Congress to deliver State of Union address.

Paul Ryan criticizes Trump’s hold on GOP, but not by name

IndieDems Comment:

Without a doubt, Paul Ryan has bathed himself in his chief characteristic: he is the most pluperfect hypocrite and coward alive today. His cowardice and hypocrisy blazed forth when Trump first ran for President in 2016. Ryan never wavered in all-out support for Trump, while privately signaling that that he really didn’t like the guy. His most famous episode came when Trump stated that an American-born judge wasn’t qualified to preside over a case because of his Mexican heritage. Ryan in a press conference said Trump’s words were “the textbook definition of a racist comment. I think that should be absolutely disavowed. It’s absolutely unacceptable.” Ryan then resumed beating the drums for Trump’s election. In short, Ryan led the way in doing what Republicans now do as a matter of course: put his own self-interests above those of his country.

Ryan continued to prove what a cowardly hypocrite he was while serving as Speaker for two years under Trump. What makes Paul Ryan even worse than Marjorie Taylor Greene: Ryan is intelligent enough to know that Trump is a lying, racist, xenophobic, incompetent thug. Give me a True Believer extremist over a flaming cowardly hypocrite any day. At least they’re honest!

Ryan is further condemned as charlatan of the month by measuring him against prominent Republicans who are vigorous, unabashed critics of Trump, most noticeably those in the Lincoln Project. Ryan spurns these Republicans and conservatives who put country above self-interests by once more bending himself into a pretzel trying to play both sides against the middle. 

What a loathsome, despicable, cowardly hypocrite Paul Ryan really is.

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