Pandemic Highlights Republican Indifference to Blacks’ Plight

News reports:

The Republican Party it’s solely responsible for the grossly inadequate health care available to African Americans and other minorities. Republicans are rabidly committed to opposing any program that would overcome the disparity. Obamacare is one such program, a major step in making sure all Americans, especially the less affluent, have adequate medical care. The Republicans, of course, have waged a campaign to eliminate it. When total repeal failed, they did everything in their power to gut it. Republicans are waging court battles right now to emasculate or eliminate Obamacare.

Now that the media have exposed the bitter reality of African Americans’ lack of basic health care, and the way it has made them vulnerable to coronavirus, what immediate step could Republicans take to show their compassion? Stop their legal challenges to Obamacare, today.

My prediction: the Republicans will show us they do not give a two bit tinker’s damn about the suffering and death Covid-19 is inflicting on blacks. They probably see it as a success for their policies. They will pin the label “socialist” on any proposal to provide minorities with health care equal to affluent Republicans.

Remember one of the last policies implemented by Trump before coronavirus hit in force? He cut back the food stamp program drastically, dealing another blow to blacks access to a healthy diet—a mainstay of having the good health that makes people less susceptible to plagues.

Republicans understand all this. They just do not give a damn about anybody who does not have a white skin.

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