Once more, the Media as Trump’s Enablers

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The Washington Post on January 11 published an op-ed by Trumpist columnist Gary Abernathy: Vilifying Trump supporters doesn’t solve anything.

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by Tom Barksdale

I’ve read the Washington Post for 50+ years, I am appalled that the Post has published this piece of propagandistic horse manure. This column is to commentary what a Trump stump speech is to political dialogue. Its lack of facts, distortion of facts, deliberate misrepresentation, baseless allegations, statements of equivalence where none exist, and warped reasoning denies the Post any claim to responsible journalism.

Abernathy’s pernicious intent is to give legitimacy to the Republican effort to destroy democracy in America by subverting the electoral machinery in a way that allows Republicans to thwart the popular will and steal elections. Abernathy’s omissions—and the Post’s tolerance of them—are stark.

#1: No mention—none—that the entire Republican agenda is driven by the Big Lie about massive vote fraud allowing Joe Biden to steal the election from Trump, without any evidence to back up this claim and dismissal of the massive evidence that refutes the lie.

#2: Abernathy devotes paragraphs belittling the alarm Trump’s critics have expressed over the plethora of new electoral laws. He depicts them as designed to enhance election security. He totally ignores the facts that provisions of these laws allow partisan Republicans to replace traditionally non-partisan election officials in key positions that control election machinery, where they can use their authority in myriad ways to override the popular vote and certify Republicans as winners.

The ultimate intent is to allow Republicans in 2024 to prevent Congress from certifying the legitimate election results that gives a Democrat a majority of Electoral College votes and throw the election to an illegitimate Republican usurper.

#3: What Abernathy dismisses as nothing but Democratic conspiratorial fiction about Republican intentions, is exactly what Trump and the Republicans attempted to do in 2020 to prevent the orderly transfer of power. Greg Sargent spelled it out cogently in his January 11 column.

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