No Compromise with Terrorists’ Demands or Trump’s Blackmail

A prominent newspaper recently published an editorial saying there is an obvious compromise to resolve the impasse over the shutdown of the federal government: Republicans support the Democrats’ proposal for solving the DACA children issue and Democrats provide $5 billion to build Trump’s wall. Here is a follow-on to our original rejoinder.

Suggestion to all Post readers: Save this Post editorial with its comments for future reference. Seldom before has a Post editorial provoked such an overwhelming consensus that a Post opinion was such a piece of junk. How refreshing to see comment after comment express the same legitimate conclusion: “compromising” with Trump on the wall would be like paying a ransom to terrorists or paying off a blackmailer: there would be no guarantee that he would live up to his side of the bargain, and it would only encourage him to use the same tactic over and over again.

And the conclusions were not based on partisan politics, or ideology, or inherent anti-Trumpism. They were based on the solid empirical facts established by Trump himself during the two years of his presidency. The facts that state Trump is an immoral, unprincipled, congenital liar who cannot be trusted anytime, anywhere, for any reason. “One would be extremely naïve to negotiate with a serial liar.”

How in hell the Post editorial writers have missed this glaring aspect of Trump’s character and style of governing is one for the ages.

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