Trump Puppet Nikki Haley on Afghanistan

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The Washington Post: Nikki Haley: America Must Not Recognize the Taliban

IndieDems Comment:

In days that seem infinitely dark given the reports of anarchy in Afghanistan and a raging Delta pandemic fueled by the ignorant, rays of sunshine are more welcome than ever. And the outpouring of comments on this article condemning Nikki Haley four ways to hell produced a flood of light. When I saw her name as the author of an op-ed piece, I feared I would read mostly favorable comments. Instead, it has been gratifying beyond belief to see the near unanimous opinion labeling Haley as the fraud and charlatan she is, the pathetic know-nothing lap dog puppet of Donald Trump. Whose dream of riding her obsequiousness into the White House surpasses Cinderella as a fairytale.

Thank you, my fellow Americans, for renewing my belief that intelligence and decency will triumph over the Republican Dark Ages. 

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