Nikki Haley a Trump Giant Killer? Are You Kidding?

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Last Sunday, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley appeared on Meet the Press and stated the United States would announce new economic sanctions against Russia on Monday. 

Within hours, the White House announced no such sanctions were imminent. White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow followed up by saying that Haley may have suffered “momentary confusion.” Haley swiftly retorted on Fox News: ““With all due respect, I don’t get confused.” 

Turns out a decision had been made, and White House talking points had already gone out announcing it–which Haley used in her Sunday remarks. Problem was, President Trump had then changed his mind–but no one in the whole Trump foreign policy apparatus had bothered to inform Ambassador Haley.

The spectacle of this massive incompetence and screw-up by the Trump White House got buried as much of the media gushed about Haley “standing up” to Trump, in contrast to the usual obsequiousness by Trump’s minions.

IndieDems Comment: Nikki Haley is showing signs of battered woman syndrome. No matter how many times her boyfriend beats her up or humiliates her, she goes running back into his arms.

And watching our media pundits go into overdrive gushing about Haley’s “I don’t get confused” is pathetic. Haley is showing herself to be one more Trump lap dog hypocrite, uttering words that get her loads of publicity and basking in the limelight, without doing anything that seriously censors Trump.

When Nikki Haley resigns, talk to me about her heroism. Right now, she remains one of Trump’s lackeys.

What is Trump doing any differently since Haley’s rebuke? Words without deeds are meaningless. Words that contradict deeds are worse. Nikki Haley, is the sound of tinkling brass.

Does Haley have the guts to kick Trump where it really hurts? All she needs to do is resign. When she does, talk to me about her heroism. But I’m not holding my breath. She’s having too much fun being the one-eyed woman in the land of the blind.

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