New Definition of Republican: Supporter of Mass Child Abuse

News reports: Polls consistently show at least 55 percent of Republican voters support the policy of President Donald Trump of prosecuting parents immediately even if it means separating them from their children and putting the children in detention.

News Reports, almost two months after Trump Administration announced its “no tolerance” policy that produced the child imprisonment:

Congresswoman tells of ‘heart-wrenching’ images of children crying alone in cells
June 25:Separated immigrant kids are scattered across the country
“The children taken from their parents now live and wait in unfamiliar places: big American suburban houses where no one speaks their language; a locked shelter on a dusty road; a converted Walmart where they must stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance in English daily.”
June 24: Sen. Warren visits detention center, says no children being returned to parents there
June 22:  Audio of sobbing children plays on House floor
June 10: Lawmaker blasts Trump policy after visiting detained immigrants


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