Never Forget: Republicans Gave Us Donald Trump (II)

A media columnist recently, in discussing Trump’s deception about his Russian dealings while seeking the Republican presidential nomination, seemed to suggest that the poor misled Republicans would have made a different decision had they known the truth.

What balderdash. We now have had three solid years of revelations about Trump’s lies, corruption, criminal acts, immorality, adultery, and his praise of Putin; plus his association with and sense of brotherhood toward a host of the sleaziest people ever to hold public office, and his don’t-give-a-damn response to the Saudi Crown Prince’s brutal murder of an American newspaper correspondent.

And what has been the Republicans’ response to these known facts and revelations? “We know all of this about Trump—and we do not care!” That is the verbatim reply of those 90 percent of Republicans who continue to slavishly support this cretin. And that includes the entire Republican Congressional delegation and all but, maybe, a handful of Republican governors and state legislators.

So please, no crocodile tears about the Republicans being deceived. They got exactly what they wanted, with eyes wide open. It’s why Republicans must be put in the same dustbin of history as slaveowners, Communists, and segregationists. All Republicans, not just Donald Trump.

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