More Lies from Trump. “Right on,” Says Johnny Isakson

//How does Senator Johnny Isakson react to the lies and chicanery found in Trump’s 2020 campaign kickoff  speech? He says: “Re-elect this man president for four more years!”//

The Washington Post Fact Checker has documented the false and misleading statements (lies) made by Trump over the years. Here is the Fact Checkers take on Trump’s Orlando speech kicking off his 2010 campaign.

“Trump’s campaign kickoff speech in Orlando was littered with the same false or misleading claims he has so often repeated as president,” including:

  • Phony numbers on trade.
  • Unfounded claims about immigrants.
  • False statements about special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation.
  • Fishy economic statistics and wild exaggerations about his presidential accomplishments.

Read the Fact Checkers point-by-point rebuttal of Trump’s lies on:

  • Who initiated the FBI investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 elections, long before Robert Mueller came along
  • The Obama Administration’s energy policies
  • The border wall and illegal immigration
  • Who pays for the tariffs imposed on China
  • African-American employment
  • The size and impact of the Trump tax cuts
  • The alleged construction of new auto assembly plants
  • The status of U.S. steel mills
  • The creation of manufacturing jobs
  • Wait time for veterans
  • Coverage of pre-existing conditions. (Fact Checker: “The Trump administration in an ongoing court case is arguing that the entire law should be scrapped, including the guarantee for patients with preexisting conditions.

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