Media Keep Fueling the Nikki Haley Myth

Why, oh why, do commentators keep trying to make a hero out of Nikki Haley? Nikki Haley has been one of Trump’s most slavish lap dogs, a veritable puppet. Please, let’s make it mandatory that when Haley is said to have shown “flashes of independence,” specific examples are cited. Do random pieces of verbiage really constitute one iota of independence?

The most those hollow words will show is someone trying to have her cake and eat it too—in Haley’s case, sucking up to the Trumpists while hitting him with anodyne knuckle raps to show her “independence” to the broader audience she will need when she runs for office. To me, that simply defines Haley as a world class hypocrite and coward.

If Haley has any problem with the wrecking ball Trump has taken to our our foreign policy, why in the hell has she not resigned in protest? You know, like Jim Mattis. Or stood on her principles until fired, like Tillerson, McMaster, Kelly? Why did she ever go to work for Trump to begin with?

There is one fact, and one fact only, that shows Haley for the hypocritical coward that she is. Even after announcing her year-end resignation, she looked the American people in the eye and firmly declared she wanted Trump to be president for six more years. What is all this crud about Haley’s “independence”?

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