Lawyers Trash Legal System with Another Frivolous Lawsuit

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Media report: A naked baby helped Nirvana sell millions of records. Now 30, he’s suing the band for ‘child pornography.’

IndieDems Comment:

Surely, a judge will quickly throw out of court this champion frivolous lawsuit of all times and make Elden pay his opponents’ legal fees. Surely, the legal profession will be repulsed by this trashing of our legal justice system and move to disbar Elden’s lawyers. Surely, the American Bar Association will take a firm position against those lawyers. Surely, the ABA has recognized the legal justice system is being tarnished beyond belief by DNA showing innocent people being imprisoned for years for crimes they did not commit, by its being unable to prosecute police officers for killing unarmed Black men, or to bring Trump and his henchmen to trial for their publicly revealed crimes.

Surely American lawyers realize this travesty of justice cannot continue forever.

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