Lawyers Create Group to Provide Legal Aid to Election Officials Under Republican Attack

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Democrats, spread the word about our new ally fighting Republican electoral fraud

State election officials came under legal and political attack in last year’s elections by Republicans attempting to subvert the electoral process. One of the most despicable examples happened in Georgia when President Trump phoned Secretary of State Raffensperger and pressured him to illegally change the vote count in Georgia in order to switch its electoral votes from Biden to Trump.

The Republicans this year have launched a massive campaign to bolster their ability to use these tactics in the 2022 elections. Republicans have already achieved great success in implementing their effort to pass state laws revamping the states’ electoral systems in order to turn them into partisan instruments that will ensure Republican victories. One ploy, for example, is to have Republicans put in positions to adjudicate disputes. Republicans are also passing laws that will suppress the minority vote.

Republicans, in short, are already positioned in some states to steal the 2022 and 2024 elections. Their campaign will continue to gather steam in the months leading up to the November 2022 elections. And their effort will redouble if they win control of one or both houses of Congress in 2022. Democratic efforts to pass a federal law to thwart their plans are stymied by the Republican-dominated Senate.

Democrats are going to have to find practical ways to overcome the legal advantage Republicans now have. The best way is to bring about a turnout of Democratic voters in 2022 so overwhelming that it will frustrate the Republican effort to steal the election through chicanery, artifice, lies, and trumped-up disputes.

But an equally valuable approach will be to put in place the legal resources to fight back against Republican criminal acts and their putative challenges to election outcomes. Two lawyers—one left-leaning, the other right-leaning—have joined in a non-partisan effort to do just that by forming a new group, the Election Official Legal Defense Network. Here is a report on their endeavor:

Election officials need our legal help against repressive laws and personal threats

(Excerpt) Election officials are coming under unprecedented attack for doing their jobs. Some states are attempting to criminalize the exercise of these officials’ trained professional judgments; some officials have been the target of threats to themselves and their families. Any American — whether Republican, Democrat or independent — must know that systematic efforts to undermine the ability of those overseeing the counting and casting of ballots on an independent, nonpartisan basis are destructive to our democracy.

Their web page provides easy links for election officials to request legal help and for attorneys to sign up to volunteer.

Democrats, spread the word far and wide about this valuable ally.

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