Lawsuit: Kemp Left GA Electoral System Dangerously Vulnerable

6 million Georgia voters’ records exposed: ‘Could have easily been compromised’

(Excerpts) Georgia’s shotgun-toting, Trump-style Republican candidate for governor Brian Kemp has sought to assure voters that his state’s election system is secure and that any allegations to the contrary are “fake news.”

  • But Kemp, who is also the secretary of state in charge of Georgia’s elections, is now being accused in a federal lawsuit of failing to secure his state’s voting system and allowing a massive breach that exposed voter records and other sensitive election information.
  • The suit describes how a private researcher discovered the records of more than 6 million registered Georgia voters, password files and encryption keys could be accessed online by anyone looking.
  • Days after the lawsuit was filed, technicians erased the hard drives of the server in question.
  • According to the lawsuit, it remains unclear if the state’s election system was infected with malware or breached by foreign hackers—which could have consequences for the midterm elections. (Emphasis added)


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