Kill More Birds, and More: Trump’s (and GA GOP’s) Assault on the Environment

The latest: Cruelty without consequence is Trump’s way

Trump’s Interior Department has announced that it will no longer enforce key provisions of the 100 year-old Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) which, among other things, “incentivized industries to avoid the intentional or unintentional slaughter of North America’s native birds.” The result: “the unintended, though still perhaps foreseen, killing of birds, as in open waste pits, uncovered oil spills, lit communication towers and low-visibility power lines.”

Imagine. The ever-so-enlightened Trump Republicans discovered what no other Presidential Administration recognized in 100 years: a treaty designed to protect migratory birds imposes outrageous, burdensome regulations on American corporations!

This Trump breakthrough on killing migratory birds in service to corporate greed is gleefully brought to you by his Georgia supporters:

  • Senator Johnny Isakson and his Chief of Staff Joan Karr and Immigration Legislative Assistant Michael Black.
  • Senator David Perdue and his COS Derrick Dickey and Immigration LA Drew Robinson 
  • Rep. Karen Handel and her COS Muffy Day and Immigration LA Elisabeth Conklin 
  • Rep. Barry Loudermilk and his COS Rob Adkerson and Homeland Security LA Susannah Johnston

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