Kemp, GA Republicans Commit Massive Voter Suppression

This issue has now been so thoroughly covered in the media, IndieDems has nothing to add. Below are some selective reports. Go to for a look at the deeply flawed electoral system Brian Kemp as Secretary of States has also bequeathed Georgians. It is the most vulnerable to manipulation, hacking, and misreporting of results than any system in the United States. See especially 100 Reasons Why Georgians Need New Voting Machines.”

Georgia’s held-up voter registrations reinforce black Americans’ fears about voting rights
“This is voter suppression and election stealing right in our faces…”
Eugene Scott · Oct 12, 2018

Republicans may be about to steal an election in Georgia
Paul Waldman · Opinions · Oct 11, 2018

Voting rights become a flashpoint in Georgia governor’s race
“…called Kemp ‘a remarkable architect of voter suppression.’ ”
Ben Nadler | AP · Oct 9, 2018

How voter suppression threatens our democracy
“…producer of a feature documentary, ‘Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook.’ ”
Timothy Smith · BookWorld · Sep 20, 2018

Georgia’s GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp sued over claims of suppressing thousands
“we are seeing this type of voter suppression scheme attempted by a state official…”
Meagan Flynn · National · Oct 12, 2018

Registration is a voter-suppression tool. Let’s finally end it.
“Registration itself is a voter-suppression tool. Just consider what is happening in Georgia…”
Ellen Kurz · Editorial-Opinion · Oct 11, 2018

Democracy in Danger in Georgia -The right is using voter suppression to rig the governor’s race.
By Michelle Goldberg – Opinion Columnist

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