Kavanaugh Needs to be Asked Searching Questions

Judge Brett Kavanaugh makes a big deal of his commitment to his Catholic faith. He is deeply involved in Church affairs. His children attend a Catholic school and he coaches their basketball teams. All religions, especially Catholicism, say their doctrines and beliefs outweigh all other considerations. This background suggests he would let his religion sway his opinions. He should be quizzed aggressively on this matter.

So far as I have been able to discover, Kavanaugh has not uttered one word of rebuke about Trump’s trampling on God’s Commandments daily with his congenital lying, nor has the Judge spoken about Trump’s adultery or his racism and other words and deeds that totally disregard Jesus’Golden Rule.

Yet, we seem to know Kavanaugh’s position on abortion. Why don’t we know his position on Trump’s immorality and violation of the 10 Commandments?

Kavanaugh, in short, comes across as a cafeteria Christian, one who picks and chooses from the Bible those parts he likes, declares that to be the True Faith, and disregards the rest. That’s practicing hypocrisy, not Christianity. We do not need a hypocrite on the Supreme Court for 30 or 40 years, believing that any decision he makes is the right one, because he attends Mass every Sunday. That attitude leads supposed Christians to support slavery, segregation, the Holocaust, and the mass sex abuse of children in the Catholic Church.

We do not need that mentality on the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh should announce that, if approved, he will recuse himself from any case that’s comes before the Court involving Trump’s words and deeds.

As a self-proclaimed devout Catholic deeply involved in the affairs of the church, he should also be asked about his position on the child sex abuse problem in the Catholic Church. What are his public statements on the matter? What has he done to eliminate the abuse?

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