Kavanaugh Mess Makes Clear: GOP a Bastion of Sexism & Misogyny

The fallout from the Kavanaugh nomination has starkly confirmed what we already knew to be the truth: the Republican Party has become the last bastion of sexism and misogyny in the United States. No executive in a Fortune 500 company—and certainly, not a Hollywood studio—would dare display the brazen sexist mentality we see daily among Republican leaders.

The arrogant, sneering, and insulting treatment of Dr. Ford by Republican Senators on the Judiciary Committee displays a culture that exists in some time-warp vacuum, as if the #MeToo movement, and the reasons for its creation, have never existed. Read more.

But not a surprise. These are the same Republicans who proudly elected and slavishly worship a President who bragged about sexually assaulting women, calls women bimbos and dogs, endorsed—along with his Party—a child molester to be a United States Senator, uses prostitutes, commits adultery with abandon, faces multiple charges of sexual harassment, and lies his head off. Plus, locks up thousands of children to make a political point.

We are reminded every day that the Republican Party is a morally and intellectually corrupt burnt-out case, long overdue to be placed on the ash heap of history. Oops. The dung hill of history.

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