Jesus Approves Closing Churches as Virus Control Measure

The idea that there is some deep Constitutional crisis over whether religious groups should be allowed to ignore the restrictions imposed regarding public gatherings is pure horse manure. The Founding Fathers passed the First Amendment expressly to ensure that government was never faced with such a “dilemma.” The Amendment’s intention is clear: no religious denomination can impose its own beliefs on the rests of us. Secular law takes precedence over religious ideology, without reservation. And without a doubt, the very lives of Americans cannot be placed at risk because some bunch of holy rollers want to get together, hold hands, and breathe all over each other.

There is an authoritative voice that expressly denies Christians need to congregate to pray. His name is Jesus Christ, who said explicitly there is no need to pray in public, but just go to your room and pray privately, and God will hear you.

In fact, Jesus went even further, and said that the people who call the loudest for praying in church are the biggest hypocrites of all. An all-knowing speaker of truth, that Jesus.

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